Meaningful connections via live and on demand video.

Traction Gather is helping facilitate engagement between people, organizations and companies – by enabling interactions to flourish through virtual platforms.

Quick to set up, easy to manage, everything in one place.

With drag-and-drop components, quickly enable your customers, partners, students, constituents, or employees to gather in one digital engagement hub. Capture contact engagement analytics that integrate with Salesforce automation to empower more engaging conversations and experiences.

Features. Functionality. Flexibility.

Whether you’re a commercial organization, a non-profit, an educational institute, or just trying to organize video content and live sessions, our online community is here to help you get geared-up digitally, so you can thrive in this new normal.

Live streaming

Provide single session live streaming and webinars.


Create a library of content and past live sessions.

Embedded video integration

Multiple video providers (YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, Webex) in one experience.

Personalized journeys

Connect your users to the most relevant content quickly.


Get detailed user and behavioral data to track engagement and establish persona mapping.

Access provisioning

Provide access to events and content, based on organization or individual rules.


Ensure only the right users have access (through Salesforce’s secure platform).

Meaningful connections

Use Salesforce Communities tools to promote discussion and engagement.

An online community that reinvents connections, not the wheel.

Backed by Salesforce’s trusted Communities platform, Traction Gather provides the forward-thinking solution to activate (and scale) your community through virtual channels – without having to worry about sacrificing quality or overall experience.

Interactive engagement

Engage with your audience and deliver content while driving future opportunities.

One digital hub

Stay connected to your networks through one online location, using one user login.

Datafy your community

Gain data-driven metrics to boost audience engagement.


Activate, implement, and run timely events on Traction Gather, without the need for additional resources.

Power in personalization

Make CRM engagement more impactful by leveraging user data to drive targeted interactions.

Ready to drive engagement? Let’s get digital.

There’s no shortage of engaging opportunities that can come to life through Traction Gather’s digital engagement hub. Here’s examples of the most frequent use cases being adopted across our virtual platform.

Partner engagement

  • Onboarding & Training Programs
  • Virtual Webinars and Meetups
  • Product Information & Ongoing Education

Customer engagement

  • Virtual Conferences & Webinars
  • Sharing Thought Leadership & Education
  • Networking & Community Building

Employee engagement

  • Training & Enablement Programs
  • Team Planning & Collaboration
  • Employee Services & Culture

Higher education institutions

  • Recruitment & Admissions Lifecycle
  • Student Orientation & Services
  • Advancement & Alumni Networking

Here's what your connections are saying about Traction Gather.

"In the end, moving to a virtual format, while challenging, was the best choice for maintaining our connections with our community."

Erin McGrath, Executive Director
Boston Partners in Education

“We can now add value to our membership by offering virtual live programming as well as an extensive library of pre-recorded sessions with the instructors that our members know and love. We are thrilled with the product we can now offer our members.”

Jill Davidson, Director of Information Management Systems
Mandel JCC of Cleveland

Built to build our communities.

Traction Gather is built by Uncommon Purpose. Our experience on the Salesforce platform – along with the hundreds of events we’ve hosted – provides the expertise needed to bring Traction Gather to life. So that’s precisely what we did.

Host your webinars, training series, customer tutorials, classes, programs, multi-day sessions and all types of content and experiences – embedded through the web’s top platforms.

Ready to gather?

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